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Free Consultations

We are available 

daily and can meet after hours for emergencies. 

When you need a lawyer, contact our office in Boise, Idaho for a free consultation.  We can discuss your case over the phone, meet you in our office, or come to your home.  We have met many clients in the hospital, coffee shop, and even at the local jail.  We will review your case and explain the positives and negatives in detail.  We take pride in educating our clients so that difficult questions are answered before they even know to ask.  If we cannot take your case, we will refer you to someone else.

Even if we do not take your case, we will explain to you the claims process.  People are usually shocked when they learn how much the odds are stacked against them when dealing with a sophisticated insurance company.  That is why Storer & Steen team are instrumental in your obtaining just compensation for your injuries.  We understand the insurance process and rules and know how to apply them to your benefit.  Call Storer & Steen today at 208-323-0024 for a free consultation. 

No Fee Until We Win

You will never receive a bill from us.  We will get you fair  compensation or you owe us nothing.

When you have been injured and need a lawyer, contact  Storer & Steen at 208-323-0024.  Storer & Steen will recover your damages or you owe us nothing. That is our commitment to you. Our general practice is to work on a contingency fee basis - we are not paid a penny until we win. You will never receive a bill from us unless you agreed to such arrangements in advance. 


In many cases the insurance company will have to pay our fees so that you don't have to.  This happens surprisingly often. Although we can never guarantee that this will happen, we usually know the probability of this when w investigate your case. We will discuss this with you so you have an idea what to expect. This is particularly common in underinsured and uninsured cases. 

No Hidden Costs Or Surprises

There are never surprises or hidden costs

With us, what you see is what you get.  We do not "nickel and dime" clients with hidden costs or fees.  We will discuss your claim with you before it is submitted to the insurance carrier and we will explain to you what determines the claim value.  We will inform you about any offers as they are made and the amount you end up with in your pocket so that you can make an informed decision if and when it comes time to settle.  We will never accept an offer that is not in your best interest or the maximum we can expect under the circumstances of your case.  


 We will meet with you as often as needed to keep you up to date regarding your claim.  Unlike some law offices who say "One call...that's all," you can call us as often as needed until your questions are answered to your satisfaction. 

If we have to litigate your case, we will meet with you as often as needed so that you understand the process and what will be required of you.  Fortunately, nearly everything involved in litigation is dealt with by the attorneys at Storer & Steen and very little is required from you.  However, it is still important that you understand the process and what you can expect from it. 


Your road to recovery begins when you contact our office - we will protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.  If we cannot take your case, we will send you to someone who can. 

Hiring an attorney should be easy.  We keep it simple and straight forward.  You recover from your injuries and we take care of the rest.  We cover the costs of preparing your case including obtaining records and expenses for expert witnesses. And there is never an attorney fee until we win your case. 

We pride ourselves on being available. We can meet at our office or at your home or hospital.  And once you hire us, we are always available to answer questions and explain your case progress.

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Storer & Steen

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Tele: (208) 323-0024

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